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Fun Ideas 28th April 2020


Dear Parents and Children,

I hope you are keeping well. As usual I have sent you an email with work for the week ahead. Each subject has been covered for each class in the Junior Room. Thankfully we are still getting such beautiful weather. I was very lucky to hear that the children in the Junior room have been working very hard and I have been hearing lots of news. Maia and Oscar Green have been very busy. They made a short film for and about their cousins with acting and stop motion animation. What an exciting project and i’m sure they will show us it when we are all back to school. Oscar did a beautiful Irish animal project on a a leather back turtle which lives in Irish waters and he painted a rock turtle too. Finally he made a hat using the excellent home school hub! You can see the lovely pictures attached below. Aaron Madden has also been very busy cycling and playing outside. It is excellent to see the children outdoors enjoying the fabulous weather. It has been lovely hearing from the parents and children.

Take care and chat soon again,

Ms Kennelly

Fun Activities

  • Bake or cook something
  • Get material / cardboard and make something interesting
  • Play musical chairs
  • Make a dark den and use a torch
  • Make a fruit smoothie
  • Make ice lollies with diluted juice/ fruit smoothies
  • Write a poem that rhymes / colour a picture / dot to dot
  • Make bubble mix from washing up liquid and water .
  • Make something out of paper…hat/ aeroplanes/ boat
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