Gurraneasig Book Fair

General Information

Tuesday 07th March to Monday 13th March 2023 Gurraneasig NS Book Fair is being run by Scholastic Ireland.

Parent contact and coordinator: Claire Cochrane, 086 869 3107 or

Get in touch if you have questions at all.

This year, the Book Fair is piggy-backing World Book Day to continue a celebration of stories, reading, listening, writing – all things words!

The school will also be organising some activities during the day that include celebrating poetry, reading and storytelling.

As you know, our school earns credits toward books for the school with every purchase from the book fair. This is how it works:

Our school will receive rewards in free books for running the book fair as follows:

  • Raising €0 - €999 = 40% rewards
  • Raising €1000 - €1499 = 50% rewards
  • Raising €1500+ = 60% rewards

Note to Parents: To ensure you receive your full rewards please note that ordering from the Scholastic Online shop is separate from the book fair and the school does not receive the full rewards.


When will it be open?

  • Tuesday 07th March from 11:20am to 1:00 pm (Parent Volunteer is Claire)
  • Wednesday 08th March from 11:20am to 1:00 pm (Parent Volunteer is TBD)
  • Thursday 09th March from 11:20am to 1:00 pm (Parent Volunteer is TBD)
  • Friday 10th March from 9:30am – 10:30 am (Parent Volunteer is Dawna)
  • Monday 13th March from 9:30am – 10:30 am (Parent Volunteer is Claire)

Please note: Parents who wish to pay online can use the wish list system described under “How to Pay?” For a list of books, please visit: N.B. - Some titles at the Book Fair may not be on the price list/order form, as newer titles arrive into stock throughout the term, however these titles can still be reordered if needed .

Who is the parent coordinator?

Claire Cochrane, Hannah Cochrane’s (5th class) mum, is coordinating it. Parent volunteers welcome to cover the above TBD time slots.

If you have any questions, contact Claire directly. 086-869-3107 or

How do we pay?

  1. World Book Tokens are accepted!
  2. Cash at the Book Fair
  3. Purchasing an online voucher. Please note: change cannot be given with the vouchers, however, we can keep a record of how much is left on each voucher so students do not have to spend it all at once if parents choose to purchase a larger voucher amount.
  4. Direct online payment using this link All the transactions that parents make through that link will be visible on your online account in the Your Fair Section, under parent payments. Please note this is not an ordering system, it’s a payment link only. Direct online payment systems are best used in conjunction with wish lists.

Wish Lists – gather information at school and decide at home together. A fillable pdf form can be found here:

What if the book my child want gets sold out?

Out of stock books can be ordered as long as it is no later than 1 pm on Friday, 10th March. Contact Claire on 086-8693107 or and please include the following information.

  • Child’s name and class
  • Book Title
  • Quantity
  • Price


There will also be stationary for sale. Price list will be posted at the Fair.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday 01st March – Book Fair Competitions Open!

We are running five small competitions this year. These can be worked on at breaks or at home. See more information under Book Fair Competitions.

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world - Malala Yousafzai

Thursday 02nd March – World Book Day!

Dress up as characters from their favourite book!

Monday 06th March 2023 – Send the school your pictures of reading in wacky, wild places

Books arrive. Mr. Murray will hang pictures on the wall of kid’s reading in wacky places.

Tuesday 07th March 2023 – First day of Book Fair

Book fair opens for all students from 11:20am – 1:20 pm.

Wednesday 08th March 2023 – Competition Closes at 12:00pm

All submissions due for each competition by 12:00pm.

Book Fair Hours 11:20am – 1:00pm

Thursday 09th March – Book Fair

Book Fair Hours 11:20am – 1:00pm

Friday 10th March – Winners announced

Book Fair Hours 9:30am – 10:30 am

Student council announces the winners of the competition.

Monday 13th March - Last day of the Fair

Last chance to get your books! Book fair opens for all students from 9:30am – 10:30pm.
Books are collected from Scholastic during the day.

Book Fair Competitions

We are running five competitions this year. These can be worked on at breaks or at home. See more information under Book Fair Competitions.

All works will be shared with the Gurraneasig NS community in the PA newsletter.

  • Best bookmark design
  • Best poem
  • Best short story (audio recorded or written, limited to 100 words)
  • Best comic
  • Best reading out loud (audio or video recorded, limit to five minutes)

Rules for the competition: Students may enter as many competitions that they like although only one voucher prize per student.

Submissions: Please submit all competitions by 08th March at 12:00pm in the box at school. Place entries in an envelope and label clearly with your name, class, and competition category. For audio or video submissions, please contact Claire 086-8693107 for instructions.

Judges: The Gurraneasig NS Student Council will be the judges of each competition. If student council members enter a competition, they must excuse themselves from judging that competition.

Prizes: Each student will win a €7.00 voucher for a book to spend at the fair. (If for some reason prizes are awarded after the book fair, winners will win a book voucher to spend at a local bookstore).