Parents Association

The school has an active Parent Association (PA) which promotes the well being of the school. The activities of the PA provide an organised forum through which parents can make a positive contribution to their children’s education.

The Parent Association plays an important part in the life of the school and supports the school in every way. All parents are encouraged to become involved in the PA and to support the activities and projects that are a feature of our school.

The new committee of the Parent Association is elected at the Annual General Meeting of the PA which is held in September/October each year. The PA is affiliated to the National Parents Council.

The Parent Association holds regular meetings in the school. The Principal meets with the committee regularly and through this consultation the PA organises various fundraising activities throughout the year.

The Parent Association has a written constitution.

Committee 2022 - 2024

Chairperson – Barbara MacMahon

Treasurer - Peter Verkade

Secretary - Kelly Furney

Facebook Page : Gurraneasig Parents

Email Address :

Whatsapp: Let us know if you are not in the group