School Uniform

The official tracksuit uniform is;

Red polo shirt with crest. Navy tracksuit with red piping & a crest on the sweater. Shoes / trainers are to be plain, dark & flat.

Alternative Option (from the tracksuit bottom) to be worn ONLY WITH official school red polo shirt with crest and school navy tracksuit top with crest

Girls:- Plain navy skirt / pinafore (with red or navy tights or red or navy long socks) Plain navy trousers / unbranded track bottoms e.g. Dunnes/O’Neill’s (soft shell). Boys:- Plain navy trousers e.g. Dunnes/O’Neill’s (soft shell).

Plain navy shorts may be worn for all during the summer months.

Other than the school crest, no decorations / patterns / other crests or logos please on any item of clothing.

The uniform maybe purchased from

Buckley’s Drapery Ltd. 93-94 Shandon Street, Cork. Tel: 021 430 4426 Fax: 021 421 2472 E-mail: Contact: Sineád 087 918 8604


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