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Senior room work during March. Stay safe everyone. Be active are the future..

Senior room work during March. Stay safe everyone. Be active are the future..

Dear students and parents,

I hope ye are all keeping well and safe and looking after each other during these unprecedented times. I’m only checking in on you all and saying hello.

I hope the work I set for you all is keeping your minds busy for the mornings. I think it’s really important to have a routine. Do it when possible and I will send the answers to the questions by email your parents soon. I have set 2 weeks of work for ye all last Thursday and was very careful with the Maths questions!

Parents here are some very useful resources and passwords for books and websites,just copy and paste the link below into google search

For the parents I know this is a very hard time on you and hope you are looking after yourselves. I know it can’t be easy but please contact me if you need anything. In the link below my buddy Colin Murphy from properly built has put together 21 workout sessions of just 12 minute each from very scenic areas around West Cork like Howe stand, Inchydoney, The Warren, Timoleague etc…They might be fun to do with some of the kids if you feel like it. . I’m doing them myself!!

The settings is uplifting and each workout is set in a location in West Cork and brings our local environment directly into our home.

I think this is very important to do some exercise every day and he has 21 workouts (one for every day) called the Isolation at home workouts! Great if the weather is wet. Just subscribe and it’s free to use. I think the kids might enjoy them and they can cheat as much as they want..Hope they are able to go for walks and runs in a safe place every day. 60/90 mins of activity would be ideal.

Ill be in touch soon, the priority and most important thing is your health and well-being during this crazy time.

Thinking of you all.

Kind Regards,

C Murray

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