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Science Week 2023

Science Week 2023
Junior Room Science Week 2023

The Junior Room had lots of fun doing lots of fun experiments as part of Science Week 2023.

The children loved the science lab where they but on their lab coats and goggles. Then they mixed different liquids and observed the reactions.

The children enjoyed exploring the different reactions made by combining different acids and bases.

We also did an experiment where were we turned a liquid into a solid. We started with milk and we separated the milk into curds and whey. Then we pressed the curds into the shape of a bone.

The First Class each made a planet from the solar system. They then did some research about their planet and shared the information with the class.

Our Solar System
Presenting about Neptune
Presenting about Saturn

We also explored shadows and made magnets

Junior Room Magnets
Dancing raisins

Finally we did our Coke and Mentos experiment

Coke and Mentos
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