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Student Council

Student council are active in Gurraneasig

** Gurraneasig Student Council 2019/2020

This year in Gurraneasig the Student Council has been doing a great job representing the other students in the school. They have come up with some great ideas and have been working hard.

The student council liaises with the teachers, parents, local community and of course represent the student body.

At Gurraneasig the Student council for the year 2019/2020 is made up of 6 students;

● Charlotte (4th) ● Aodhfin (4th) ● Gia (5th) ● Cubby (5th) ● Emily (6th) ● Layla (6th)

They carry out and look after so much that goes on in and around the school. They raise money for charities by running fun events like the Santa dash and Halloween dress up. So far they have raised money for Cork Penny dinners, Cork Simon Community and Ms Readathon and will continue this very noble and kind-hearted work. We are very proud of their efforts and there is more to come at Easter time.

They make the school a better place to be in because they can see things, through the eyes of their fellow students, and therefore have their fingers on the pulse. They really are the heartbeat of our school. When they work with the teachers and parents they form a very powerful synergy. They look after and helped the PA out with the Christmas concert and even raised money for the school by selling various items at this event! They also plan and organise stalls to sell items they have made on such nights like the Sports night and Graduation in June.

The student council looks after yard equipment, helps out with school activities, looks after library bus and generally is involved with decision making with the teachers. They try and meet at least twice a month, on a Friday, and this increases if there is an important event coming up. These meetings are recorded with minutes and there are a chairperson and secretary appointed for each meeting. Very official indeed, like a mini-board of management meeting!

It isn’t all chores however and if you were to ask any of them if they are any perks they might stop you in your tracks and say that it would be breaking the rules of confidentiality! Above all else, they get as much out of it as they put into it and they have fun doing it, which is most important.

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